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new kid.

hey, im cori
im an lj new kid.
i think PT and the Hobot's backseat date is probably one of the things i've ever seen.
i wish someone would sing that outside my window.
i love music, puddle jumping, poptarts, tree forts, cuddling, and uhhh...backseats. ^_^

i was raised in the highlands of a mystical celtic land by fairies and nature sprites.
no. i lied.
im actually from the cayman islands....and go to boarding school in canada.
it's just not as cool, is it?
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i love tree forts & poptarts too.
what boarding school do you go to?
ridley college.
ohhh, dear lordy...
cayman islands... reminds me of a kings of convenience song.


i'm liz.
kings of convenience, eh?
gooood band.

hi ,liz, im cori.

ps. i love your icon.