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do you think we're hottt?

Hey friends
So, we're in Venus magazine again! Have any of you seen it yet?!

Anyway, they have a survey called the HOTTT LIST coming up that we were on last year for "best website" above Myspace! That means we're cooler than myspace.

But they removed the "best website" category this year! It's all good though, because they have the "best diy business" category and we fit perfectly for that one!!

You have to select "other" and type in our name! (backseatkissclothing.com) and tell your buddies too! (I think you might have to fill out the entire survey, which is very short, in order for your vote to be counted!!)
Those of you who have ordered and done business with us KNOW we always hella hook it up with extra fun stuff and we love you all.

here's the link:

Please vote if you looove us!!! It only takes a minute, but means a lot!!
Also, if we win, we are going to have THE BIGGEST SALE EVER!

Love Always,
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